Field Trips and Outings

Field trips and out-of-school visits are an integral part of learning and are planned to complement the curriculum.

Local Outings

Local outings are short in duration, usually for one lesson. The sort of activity that these include would be surveys in geography of the land use around the school, or for science an examination of the kinds of trees and plants grow in the neighbourhood. We have a standard consent form for going out of school in the locality of the school, which all parents are asked to sign when their child joins the school to enable the child to participate in these outings.

Field Trips

Field trips are longer trips going further afield outside of Dar es Salaam.

For extended school trips parents are provided with full information and a consent form specific to the activity.

We undertake risk assessments for all outings and trips and ensure that there is sufficient and appropriate supervision.


Consent Form for Going Out of School in the Locality