Year Group Equivalents

The Latham School is co-educational and welcomes children from all nationalities, cultures and religions and promotes an equal opportunities policy, applying the regulations on admissions fairly and equally to all.

Admissions are dependent on a place being available in a particular year group at the campus you have chosen, and the child being capable of following our educational programme on offer.

Due to the high volume of applications received, all applicants are placed on a waiting list for the year group for which they are applying, before pupils are assessed. Parents are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible to ensure that a place can be reserved.

Please see the How to Apply page for more information on the application process.

Our curricula are based on age, and pupils are placed in year groups that are appropriate for their age. Experience tells us that pupils do better at school when they are with friends and classmates of similar ages. We recognize, of course, that movement between schools is not always straight forward, and will always discuss placement carefully with parents when there may be ambiguities.

The chart below shows the ages for all year groups.

Cut off dates
1st September – 31st August


The Latham School


Tanzanian National Curriculum



Must be 4 by 31st August

4 - 5 yrs


Les Moyens

Must be 5 by 31st August

5 - 6 yrs

Year 1

Standard 1


Les Grands

Must be 6 by 31st August

6 – 7 yrs

Year 2

Standard 2

Grade 1


Must be 7 by 31st August

7 – 8 yrs

Year 3

Standard 3

Grade 2


Must be 8 by 31st August

8 – 9 yrs

Year 4

Standard 4

Grade 3


Must be 9 by 31st August

9 – 10 yrs

Year 5

Standard 5

Grade 4


Must be 10 by 31st August

10 – 11 yrs

Year 6

Standard 6

Grade 5


Must be 11 by 31st August

11 – 12 yrs

Year 7

Standard 7

Grade 6


Must be 12 by 31st August

12 – 13 yrs

Year 8

Grade 7


Must be 13 by 31st August 13-14 yrs Year 9
Grade 8 6e