Key Stage 1

Pupils from age five to seven, in Years 1 and 2, form Key Stage 1. Our Key Stage 1 team is dedicated to growing and nurturing young learners. They follow the structured UK Key Stage 1 Curriculum. Our skilled teachers make learning engaging and enjoyable. In developing fundamental skills in literacy we use synthetic phonics, which is the very successful approach now being used in schools in Britain. In numeracy, we follow a mastery approach to learning skills and maths facts along with a hands-on approach to developing key concepts. Teachers also ensure there is the appropriate focus on emotional and social development.

Pupils engage in fun and insightful lessons in all the subjects of the curriculum. You may find them with flaming torches (bright red and yellow paper flames!) role playing the Olympics for their topic on Ancient Greece, staring into rock pools on the edge of the Indian Ocean for their study of the local environment, or wearing reindeer antlers for the Christmas Show. All will be being done with enthusiasm and an enjoyment of what they are learning.

We have a planned and progressive Humanities Curriculum which covers History and Geography. This is periodically reviewed to keep teaching and learning fresh and in-line with curriculum developments.

For further information about the curriculum and the learning outcomes pupils are expected to achieve, please look at the downloadable documents below.

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Year 1 Key Instant Recall FactsTerm 3:1

Year 1 Key Instant Recall Facts Term 3:2

Race Around the Clock Number Bonds to 20

Race Around the Clock Multiples 10 to 100

Yr 2 Key Instant Recall Facts Term 1:1

Yr 2 Key Instant Recall Facts Term 1:2

Yr 2 Key Instant Recall Facts Term 1:2

How We Teach Reading - Synthetic Phonics for Parents

Numeracy Learning Outcomes Reception Class to Year 2

Writing Learning Outcomes Year 1-2

Year 1 Curriculum Outline Term 1

Year 2 Curriculum Outline Term 1