Our school motto was carefully chosen to provide a guiding path for our teachers, pupils and members of our school community. We strive to take the right decisions in our daily lives, to behave with integrity and live out the values that underpin our motto.

The values we uphold are core to every lesson and activity; we encourage pupils at all times to be:

Learning respect for oneself, respect for others, their cultures and beliefs. Respecting the opportunities that learning represents.
Honest Honesty is being real, up-front and straightforward. Providing clarity without promising the impossible. Being truthful and open-minded, giving and receiving constructive feedback.
Compassionate Compassion is being caring and thinking of others, especially those who are suffering hardships. It is about being willing to help those who need it.
Persevering Sticking at a task through to completion and being willing to keep trying hard, even when you encounter difficulties, is the basis of high performance in all areas of learning.
Courteous Having good manners, being polite and showing consideration for others are important for having a harmonious school and community.
Kind Kindness comes from within, but it is outward facing. A simple expression of kindness, learning to be kind to others is so valuable in today’s society.