School Director's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to The Latham School, Dar es Salaam. We have provided an excellent, and forward-looking education at our Bahari Beach Campus since 2013, and are now extremely pleased to be expanding and will be able to offer the same quality of education at our new campus in Masaki from September 2020.

As a community of learners, pupils, teachers and parents, we are all very proud of our school at the Bahari Beach Campus. We have all worked together to purposefully create a welcoming, supportive and nurturing environment that helped our pupils integrate and encourage them to take risks and grow. This same approach to education will also permeate our Masaki Campus.

We believe strongly that given the right educational environment all children will flourish and develop their individual talents and aptitudes, and with the high teacher expectations that our teachers have of pupils, they will flourish and will often surprise themselves with what they can achieve.

We provide an education that challenges each young person to be the best they can be. We also wish children to enjoy school. Happy children are more self-confident and are enthusiastic and successful learners.

Providing the opportunity for pupils to gain excellent academic qualifications is an important part of what The Latham School does. From the outset, we track each pupil’s performance and set targets to ensure that appropriate progress is made throughout the year. However, we offer much more than an excellent academic education.

We are unique in having a programme of Extension and Enrichment activities for children to choose from every day of the week. These are an integrated part of the school day so all pupils can participate and parents do not have to make different pick up arrangements on different days of the week. Extension and Enrichment activities will run at our Masaki Campus as they have done for the last 7 years at our Bahari Beach Campus.

In making that all important decision about which school to send your child, a central consideration for parents is the kind of person their child will become by attending a particular school. The Latham School’s motto is, ‘In our time, let us do good’. This has been carefully chosen to provide a touchstone for pupils, staff and all members of our school community. All aspects of life at The Latham School, at whichever campus, are underpinned by clear ethical principles.

While the pages in the website give you a small sense of what a wonderful school this is, they can never convey our whole picture. Indeed, as you walk around the school, you will be struck by how bright, engaging, confident, balanced and respectful all of our pupils are.

If you believe what we believe; that all pupils can achieve at high levels, that there should be no glass ceilings to learning, that we all benefit from working together in a truly multicultural environment and that all pupils should be prepared with the values, attitudes and attributes to be successful in their globally connected, technology-rich future, then I warmly invite you to contact us and take a walk with us around our Bahari Beach Campus or our Masaki Campus.

Sheila Clitheroe Tieszen,
School Director.