Lower Key Stage 2

For the purposes of planning and working closely together, Key Stage 2 is divided into Lower Key Stage 2, Year 3 and Year 4, and Upper Key Stage 2, Year 5 and Year 6.

In Lower Key Stage 2 we aim to provide a positive, stimulating and challenging learning environment which builds upon the children’s experiences from Key Stage 1. It is an enjoyable time for pupils as they begin to acquire more knowledge and skills such as independent learning, reflection and self-assessment.

This is the stage at which all children are issued with an iPad for use in school and at home to support their learning. We are a leading school in innovating with technology. By integrating technology into the classroom we ensure pupils are able to use the applications, research on the internet, and write up their ideas at the point in their learning where these tasks are needed. There is no waiting for the once a week visit to the Computer Room.

Our pupils are encouraged to become independent and high performing learners who take pride in their learning and want to do well. We also expect them to begin to become more independent in other areas such as being responsible for what they need to bring into school.

As the children mature socially and emotionally, we recognise the importance of developing well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum, which provides many opportunities for collaborative working, as well as supporting the children academically, continues to develop their social skills. We want our children to value and respect themselves and each other as well as showing consideration for the wider community.

Our highly qualified teachers draw on their experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure that lessons are relevant and well-matched to meet the needs of all the children. We want all our children to experience and actively participate in a relevant and enjoyable curriculum which inspires them.

They study the full range of subjects:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Music
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Swahili
  • PSHE
  • Physical Education

curriculum is enhanced by trips and special guest speakers.

Reading daily is still important in Lower Key Stage 2 and children’s reading books are changed on a regular basis. In Guided Reading we focus on developing their comprehension skills and their ability to talk about the text. As the children become fluent readers, we promote reading for pleasure. We encourage parents and children to share books together at home.

Throughout the year the children have many opportunities to present and perform to a range of audiences - their classes, the whole school, parents – which builds their confidence and allows them to share their many talents. All the children are important to us and we delight in celebrating their many successes, both academic and personal, at this stage of their education.

Upper Key Stage 2

When pupils move into Years 5 and 6 they encounter a learning environment where they are pushed to extend and challenge their learning. They are asked to analyse and reflect on the books they are reading, the science they are studying and the topics they are exploring. Pupils are encouraged to take risks and to develop intellectual confidence. At this stage they routinely create presentations, often using their iPads, to share ideas and stimulate debate in the class. We strive to ensure that all children achieve at a high level and so carefully plan learning and development around the individual needs and interests of each child, using modern assessment methods to ensure that every child makes continuous progress. The high level of teaching and pastoral guidance implemented in KS2 fosters positive development in all our pupils and supports them to be independent, progressive learners.

The academic curriculum is at the core but there are many opportunities for children to learn beyond the classroom and develop new skills through participation in productions, educational day visits, themed days and an extensive Extension and Enrichment Activities Programme which is an integral part of the school day (In other schools this may be known as Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Activities).

We ensure that the high standards achieved by our KS2 pupils, prepares them for the best possible transfer into the Secondary Department.

For further information about the curriculum and the learning outcomes pupils are expected to achieve, please look at the downloadable documents below.

To Download

Numeracy learning Outcomes Reception Class to Year 2

Maths Learning Outcomes Key Stage 2 - Year 3 to Year 6

Writing Learning Outcomes Year 1 to Year 2

Writing Learning Outcomes Lower Key Stage 2 Years 3 to Year 4

Year 5 Curriculum Outline Term 1

Year 6 Curriculum Outline Term 1

Year 5 Weekly Outlines Term 1

Year 6 Weekly Outlines Term 1

Year 3 Curriculum Outline Term 1

Yar 3 Weekly Curriculum Outline Term 1

Year 4 Curriculum Outline Term 1