Why Choose Our School

After browsing our website, we hope you gain a flavour of the great energy and spirit that exists at our school. We value the importance of supporting learning and bringing out the absolute best academic success in every pupil. Come and visit us and experience it for yourself.

We work to ensure our pupils have opportunities to learn in a 21st century way. They are challenged to think for themselves, to work co-operatively in teams and to articulate their ideas fluently. Pupils are also expected to master the core knowledge required for each subject, but this is certainly not achieved by a 'chalk and talk' methodology. The focus in lessons is on understanding concepts and pupils actively applying their learning.

Your children deserve the best education at a top school in Dar es Salaam. We are committed to enabling a wide range of families to access our school and an international British curriculum examinable by the Cambridge International Education and offer very reasonable fees. We aim to inspire all our children to reach new heights. They will receive the finest education, and it will be clear to all they meet that they have developed a contemporary world view, are respectful, kind and committed. Learning with us will open doors for your children’s futures.

Contact us at admissions@thelathamschool.com.