After School Activities

At both of our campuses, Bahari Beach and Masaki, The Latham School offers a wide range of after school activities from 3.30 - 6.30 p.m. The activities include support for academic subjects such as English and maths, homework club, sports, drama, and relaxing watching a film..


There is a very reasonable fee of TZS 10,000 per child per session. Fees are paid in advance. Payment can be made through the bank, by MPESA or in cash at the School Office.

Sign up Options

Parents can choose from the following 3 options to sign up for their children:

1. Sign up for an 8-week activity and pay in advance;

2. Sign up for a limited time (minimum 2 weeks) and pay in advance;

3. Sign up for as many or as few activities as you want on as many days of the week as you want.

Please contact the School Office for further information.