Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is comprised of pupils aged 11 – 14 years in Years 7 – 9. Pupils build on what they have learnt in their primary years and deepen and expand their knowledge in the wide range of academic subjects they study. Key Stage 3 provides the platform from which pupils move on to their IGCSE examination courses in Key Stage 4.

The subjects pupils study are:

  • English – Language and Literature
  • Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • History
  • French
  • Swahili
  • Physical Education
  • Art and Design
  • PSHE

In Key Stage 3 pupils are supported in becoming increasingly independent in their learning. Teachers extend the challenges offered and the demands to be faced as new knowledge, concepts and skills are introduced. Pupils are expected to develop the ability to efficiently research information. Their skills need to go beyond simply ‘googling’ a word or two. They will learn how to extract relevant information, interpret it, and apply it to their learning.

Pupil self-evaluation becomes more and more important as they progress through Key Stage 3. They will increasingly become active partners with their teachers in identifying their next learning goals.

As pupils mature, we encourage them to take on responsibilities in school, to contribute positively to the school community, and to become active participants in all areas of school life. We also aim to ensure that the physical, moral, social and emotional aspects of pupils’ development are encouraged and expanded, without detracting from the growth of each pupil's personal leisure interests.

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